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The Patient deserves Health Care that is attentive, personal, and looks to nature as a source of health and wholeness.

Dr. Paul Schattauer


What is Green Medicine?

Green Medicine Uses Natural Remedies

Natural medicine seeks to minimize your exposure to synthetic compounds and chemicals. It can be in the form of diet and nutritional counseling, detox regimens, vitamins, other supplements, and coaching patients on fitness and prevention lifestyles. All systems of the body are designed to work best when exposed to substances that come purely from nature. Clean air, clean water and whole (non-processed) foods are the foundation of excellent health. The natural physiologic systems of your body are challenged on some level anytime a newly synthesized chemical is taken in. Prescription medicine by definition is chemically based. This is why many patients are motivated to avoid and reduce the amount of medicine they take in. It is true, there are many wonders that modern medicine has achieved in the last century. You can be thankful all these medical advances are available to you if they are needed. However your body thrives much better when you can avoid synthetic chemicals. Take this quick assessment to see how much your body is challenged by the sea of chemicals we live in.

You may also go to this Website, Chemical Body Burden for more information regarding the topic.

These are the reasons why you will certainly benefit from my green medical practice. I emphasize natural, non-pharmaceutical remedies to treat disease (mild hypertension, gastrointestinal complaints, hormonal illness, mild sprains and strains, coughs, colds, flu, mild anxiety, insomnia, chronic fatigue etc.) I also will advise you how to reduce your current need for prescription medicine and eliminate any drugs that are not necessary. Certain vitamins and supplements will be available for retail sale at the clinic. These will be prescribed for common ailments or mild disease and offered at your convenience. A network of alternative health care professionals (chiropractors, acupuncturists, naturopaths, homeopaths, massage therapists, yoga instructors etc.) who have been screened and understand the principles of the clinic will be used on a referral basis for some of these cases. You also will have complete access to prescription medicine or a medical specialist if the need should arise.

Green Medicine is Patient-centered

The Green Medical Practice is dedicated to creating a system that restores the doctor/patient relationship. The focus is on you and your health.

Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, United Healthcare, and Humana have become synonymous with quality health care. You no longer choose or pay primarily to a doctor for your general health care. More often, you choose (and primarily make payments to) a health plan. The particular health plan then decides what doctors are permitted to treat you. Your doctor must be approved by the insurance company and then accept a contract arrangement before you are allowed to see him or her. The doctor may at any time be deselected at the discretion of the insurance company. Most primary care doctors are under contract with several companies. In the contract, the doctor agrees to a discounted payment for the medical care given in exchange for having patients directed to the doctor's clinic.

The end result of this system is health care that focuses on preserving huge, impersonal, for-profit entities (insurance companies) that are separate from the doctors who are caring for the patients. The choice of doctor is secondary when the consumer considers what health care plan they will choose. Doctors find it necessary to be more accountable to insurance companies than to your needs. The relationship between you and the doctor is strained, many times to the point of compromising the medical care given. You often experience the impersonal nature of health care. Your expectation to be cared for attentively with concern and understanding in your time of illness often goes unmet. Primary care doctors are under the increasing stress of not having the resources to fulfill a your basic expectations. They are forced to see more patients in less time and offer quick drug fixes while more comprehensive underlying problems are ignored. Even hostile feelings between you and the doctor can occur, often without understanding why. This complex system has lost the proper focus. Many frustrated patients are ready for a new idea. At The Green Medical Practice, I have developed a system that allows you and I the freedom to explore what is best for you. Payment arrangements that exclude third party influence and SAVE YOU MONEY while still providing the benefits of health insurance are possible in my practice. Check out GREEN MONEY for more information.

Green Medicine focuses on prevention and wellness

The main idea is to reduce the need for any medicine at all! Every time you eat right, exercise, foster nurturing relationships, spend time with nature, and avoid toxic environments you are preventing illness. This is great for you because you avoid getting sick. It’s also great for the environment because every medicine used and every time a patient is admitted to the hospital there is a consequence from an environmental standpoint. Medical waste, huge expenditures of energy in the manufacture and delivery of medicine, the increasing numbers of pharmaceuticals showing up in our drinking water are some of the reasons why using less medicine and the prevention of disease with nutrition and lifestyle are the cornerstones of The Green Medical Practice’s vision for health care and global sustainability.

Green Medicine connects to a global community and sustainability

Many times green agendas get bogged down with competing political and economic agendas. Green medicine brings the discussion to a different level in that we are talking about each individual’s health and well being. The payoff for using green medicine is directly connected to everyone's personal health. Green medicine starts with everyone’s personal environment (what we choose to eat, drink, and take for medicine, what quality of air we breathe, how we connect with friends family and what kinds of places we choose to be and hang out). As we learn what promotes the best personal environment it quickly becomes obvious that the surrounding larger environment has direct impact on our ability to thrive in our personal life. From there our interest in “things green” can grow even larger. We see the connections and have reason to work toward clean air, clean water, and global sustainability because it’s as if we are working for our own well being. No longer are we asking to make sacrifices for some greater good but to choose what is best for your SELF. It’s a beautiful thing to realize that what is best for our selves also feeds into a process that saves the world! The concept of global community can change from an abstract idea to a personal reality. The Green Medical Practice is dedicated to choosing treatments that are effective and kind to the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Green Medicine Expensive?

The priority of the Green Medical Practice is to create a service that is affordable and accessible. Because we are independent of all insurance companies and government insurance programs, the Green Medical Practice can set prices that are 50%-80% lower than the going rate. Our natural approach to medicine also allows you to explore all healthcare options including effective non-pharmaceutical and non-surgical approaches and can reduce outside pressures to use prescriptions.
View our GREEN MONEY page for more information.

What if I need drugs or surgery to stay healthy?

Although the goal is to reduce the need for medicine, Green Medecine embraces the effective use of drugs and surgery. You can be sure that all the current sophisticated medical technologies will be available to you if the situation calls for it. Dr. Schattauer can prescribe the appropriate pharmaceuticals for mild illness and has access to medical specialists for complex medical situations. You will be afforded every level of medical care in the Green Medical Practice.

Should my family get all, some, or no vaccines?

You as a parent or patient may have questions and concerns regarding which if any vaccines you should recieve to protect your health. Dr. Schattauer is well aware of the controversies surrounding vaccines. He understands the issues are complex and it is not an easy decision to vaccinate or not. He provides an open discussion regarding these issues and wants you to be fully informed before decisions are made. In contrast to many practices, He will embrace you as a patient if you decide to give some, none or all recommended vaccines. He also wants you to be aware of and will follow all legal requirements for mandated vaccines in the state of Illinois.

Additional Information on Vaccines